Sunday, January 19, 2014

In which I get to #1

A few years back - 2005 to be precise - I uploaded an image to an old Pbase group of tropical looking plant enthusiasts.  The image was of the flowering spike of the hardy banana, Musa basjoo.  I took it in Overbecks garden at Salcombe, South Devon with my recently purchased Canon 300D and my 50mm f2.5 compact macro.  The opportunity arose, a little fill flash brightened the shadows in the flower and allowed the blue of the sky to break through in the background.  Not too shabby a shot, though I say so myself.  Ah, the heady days of youth.

The other day I was doing some Google image searching to ID one of my insect shots.  Out of idle curiosity I typed in 'Musa basjoo flower'.  There, first image out of the box, was my shot of this hardy banana.